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Nonki Nishimura

芸術家・AT ARTS 代表

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The letter “陰“ is shadow, dark, “陽“ is sunshine, light.

 YIN-YANG is Asian divination. It is derived from our philosophy.

We think everything has power, it is divided Positive or Negative.

We think Opposite power makes the Universe,

and it must be balanced.

We always looking hard nature

and thinking about what will be next.

photo by Mitsushige Kida

ホーム: 画像
ホーム: 作品一覧

‘巫女’ ‘shrine maiden’

The Woman standing in the dark is colored and shining, by natural light on her back.

She changes with the passage of time and the weather.

It exists in the same space as us.

It is a woman who creates life on this earth.

From ancient times, in Japan, women interacted with the universe as shrine maidens and fortune-telling of farming.

She kept the prosperity of the house in one hand.

Now, the Woman divines the future of this earth.

photo by Mitsushige Kida

ホーム: 画像
ホーム: 作品一覧

I am the founder of the AT ARTS group.

AT ARTS is a group for cultural exchange.

We have an artist in residence.


for cultural exchange and

to make new creative stages.

Our activity is how to meet different cultures.

We hope,

that everybody knows that different is interesting.

We respect different cultures, they are inspiring for us.

Different cultures must be familiar.

photo by Keiji Ohkubo

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